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El limón Persa es un fruto de aproximadamente 6cm de diámetro, a menudo con extremos ligeramente puntiagudos. Se comercializa de color verde aunque cuando alcanza la madurez total es amarillo. El limón Persa tiene una piel más gruesa y menos aromática que el limón Mexicano y no tiene semillas. El limón Persa es menos ácido que el limón Mexicano. Ambos cítricos tienen beneficios vitamínicos y en algunas culturas se utilizan para tratar enfermedades.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The fruit is about 6cm in diameterm foten with slightly pointed ends, it is sold green, although when it reaches full maturity is yellow. It is larger, with a thicker skin and less aromatic than the Mexican lemon, it has no seeds, it has a greater resistance to diseases and longer duration of the fruit once harvested. Persian lemon is less acidic than Mexican lemon. It has many benefits and in some cultures it is used to treat various diseases.

21/06/2018 - 20:44 CET

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