In order to publish an ad, you need to be registered

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How it works



Fill in the registration form with your general information.


Ad publication

After registering you can post a free ad, advertisement that will be visible in the central part of the platform or by categories. Enter your offer, demand, or collaboration data. This is a very important step and remember to carefully detail the announcement (category, product and type of transaction). If you are interested in the international market do not forget to write the ad in English. The advertisements will be published in all the existing domains. 



In the section "alerts" You can write the keywords corresponding to the products of your interest - we will send you an email warning the publication of an advertisement related to your alerts. You can access directly by clicking on the link.


Interested in an ad?

You can see the contact in exchange of 1 agro, these can be bought in the section "Purchase of Agros" within its profile the benefit received by the purchase of Agros will be invested in the improvement of the page and its services.


How much does it cost?


AgroFoodGate does not receive any commission of transactions made between buyers and sellers. AgroFoodGate will charge only the contact service between the two for a value of 1 to €2 maximum depending on the purchase of Agros selected. After the purchase you can download the invoice for the purchase of Agros in the "My Invoice" section.


If you want to publish a Tender, you can do it in a Standard or Anonymous way. The operation of the tenders is similar to the standard ads, except that you will be able to upload a PDF file with the tender conditions.

STANDARD TENDERS: The publication of the tender will be free and participating will have a cost of 15 agros. You will be able to participate by sending your offers directly to the bidder.

ANONYMOUS TENDERS: To publish an anonymous tender will have a cost of 40 agros, and 15 agros for the participants. When Anonymous, the tenderer's data will not be disclosed, but after participating he will be able to see the conditions of the tender in the attached document. The tenderer will analyse all offers and will contact the chosen bidder.


List of your purchased contacts

You will have at your disposal the list of all the contacts purchased in the corresponding section.